How Can We Help?...


Low Vision Plus provides an assessment service for people who are experiencing difficulties with everyday tasks due to their vision loss including :-

  • information to help you understand your specific eye condition

  • demonstration and recommendation of lighting and magnifiers to assist with close tasks such as reading, craft and other everyday tasks

  • equipment to help with your distance vision like watching TV and getting around in your community

  • management of glare

  • training and support in the use of your    low vision aid

  • how to make the best use of your    current technology (smart phone, tablet, computer)

Meeting your Needs…


We understand that everyone has different needs. We will personalise your service to give you the best advice to help you choose the right equipment for a quality lifestyle.

  • DVA Provider

  • NDIS Provider

  • Assessments available in the comfort
    of your home

  • Eligible for service regardless of your
    level of vision

Request for Service

  • From individuals, their families or carers

  • Ophthalmologists / Optometrists

  • GP’s

  • Allied Health Professionals and
    Community Workers

Additional Services…

  • Vision Assessment Reports for school or the workplace

  • Vision Screening for individuals, small groups or organisations

  • Vision Rehabilitation for field defects due to stroke or macular degeneration

  • Lighting assessments

Great Outcomes - At Low Vision Plus we understand how vision loss can have an impact on your quality of life. The right advice and guidance can give you back your freedom and enhance your lifestyle.

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